Global greentech partner in ultra-low friction

VOLTRION (Belgium, 2009) is a renewable chemicals manufacturer who synthesizes plant oils, into highly viscous oils used as co-bases or ingredients in lubricants, inks, coatings and cosmetics, concrete and asphalt.

JAN 2021: EXPANSION IN GHENT SEAPORT VOLTRION relocated to the Port of Ghent as part of its close cooperation with EMULCO, a globally acclaimed high-end bio emulsion formulator and full service laboratory partner.


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Oilworks and Technology Licensing

VOLTRION combines its proprietary ElectroSynthesis technology with other modular processes to create unique plasma treated sustainable bases, co-bases and bio-additives used for ultra-low friction formulation of lubricants, coatings and cosmetics

Technology Licensing Original 1909 electro-ionization (aka plasma) processes were re-developed in close cooperation with several partners. Our technologies can be used in your own factories to upgrade vegetable and mineral oils to high-value bases.

Sustainable bases, co-bases, bio-additives & fluids.


Base oils | additive solutions

Sustainable lubricant & greases components


Bio fluids | Inks, Coatings, Concrete & Road

thickeners, forms oils, emulsions, polymerized vegetable oil solutions for inks, paints, adhesives, concrete, asphalt...


Bio Marine Vessel solutions | for IMO 2020

scavengers, marine fuel additives, soot dispersants, oiliness agents..

Contact details.

Laboratory & Manufacturing
Henri Farmanstr 25, Haven 535A
9000 Gent Belgium

Telephone: +32 9 228 95 35
Direct line: +32 486 504 646