Renewable heavy base stocks for the lubricants & greases industry.

VOLTRION is a renewable chemicals manufacturer who transforms plant oils, besides animal or mineral oils, into highly viscous oils used as ingredients in lubricants, greases and specialty chemicals.

Our products are extremely viscous, yet remain oils at 100% and combine high viscosity (400cSt to 2400cSt @KV40°C) with high lubricity and dispersion action.

Technical Papers on Oiliness / Super-Lubricity additives

Synthesis and cross-linking of vegetable, mineral or animal oils into heavy bases.

Typically operating at the building blocks stage of the specialty chemicals value chain, Voltrion helps producers and formulators to create measurable market value by:
++ Creating extremely viscous base oils (without additives)
++ Creating unique molecules, enabling market differentiation
++ Enabling formulators to innovate and create patents

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